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Healthy Eating 4 Schools
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Parent's Café - learning some great packed lunch ideas.
How about a weekly drop in for parents to have a cuppa and a chat with a different healthy packed lunch idea each week?

The parents of Braunstone have loved exploring new foods that they hadn't tried before.

Here they are making:
Cous cous salad, baked samosas, savoury muffins, cheese and vegetable pasties, salad and savoury tarts.
Making couscous salad
Making samosas Our lovely baked samosas
Savoury Muffins Cheese & Vegetables Pasties
Salads Savoury Tarts
Parent's Cooking Sessions

At Braunstone, after each year group's cooking session, the parents are invited to cook the same recipe, with their children leading the session!

The children have so much fun teaching their parents and the parents are continually impressed by how skilled their children are.

Following a recipe together and ending up with a delicious result every time!!

Cooking with dad!
Family pizza Family pizza
Family pizza - yum! Spreading with mum
Families making tarts All working together
Washing up together
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