Healthy Eating 4 Schools

Training adults to teach
Cooking & Nutrition
Healthy Eating 4 Schools
Home Recipes Classwork Involving Parents Training Improving Lunches

Training of teaching assistants, teachers or volunteers to include:

Whole school training

Getting Ready:
Hand washing - song & jokes,aprons,
hair up, germ discussion

Food storage:
What germs love & hate,
refrigeration & freezing,
dehydration & canning

Food sourcing:
Countries it grows,
how it's processed
where you buy it

Safe Cutting:
Anatomy of a knife,
bridge hold & claw grip

Weighing, jugs & spoons

Eatwell plate
What it shows us,
what goes where,
how to use it

Model & discuss,
composting & rubbish

Table wiping & washing up,
germ discussion,
washing of aprons,
cloths and tea towels.

Learning the bridge hold
TA Practical Training
Feedback from Senior Managers
"In such a multicultural school we are very clear that food is a uniting factor that can bring communities together. Lucy has inspired us to take a fresh look at how we teach food technology at Hazel. From the very start she was able to advise and guide us in setting up our food room. Since then she has equipped us with a complete curriculum designed to teach progressive skills that ensure children and staff are challenged and motivated, and able to prepare and enjoy healthy food. Her training and support for staff is excellent, based on her own experience of teaching children. She has raised our expectations of what is possible!"
Gillian Blatherwick Headteacher - Hazel Primary School

"Lucy's easy-to-follow, healthy and tasty recipes are fantastic and our children get so excited when it is their turn in the kitchen. Our TAs who received the training now feel fully confident and enthusiastic about delivering regular cooking sessions to groups of children, which not only teach them about the important of a healthy diet but also essential life skills for the kitchen."
Gemma Southwell - Ingelhust Primary School

"Lucy is a great asset to our children.  She makes sure all the children know where the food we eat comes from, and they have such  great fun in her cooking sessions.  She fills our school with amazing smells that make our tummys rumble, and supports making sure all our children have a healthy outlook on food and diet.  Her sessions help us to have a broad and balanced curriculum, and make sure all of our children learn basic skills such as cutting, chopping and measuring."
Gary Brown - Braunstone Community Primary School

Feedback from teachers and teaching assistants
Absolutely loved and adored it all.

Fantastic training. Excellent!

Superb training - practical & enjoyable.

An enjoyable morning.

Picked up some useful tips
Really useful & interesting - Thank you.

Good enthusiastic trainer.

Enjoyed very much.

Great session. Many thanks.

A very good training session.
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